Some airlines announced that they have set 8 conditions for returning stranded residents and residents and allowing them to travel to their home countries.

Emirates Airlines has set 8 conditions and standards to transport passengers under the current circumstances resulting from the outbreak of the newly created Corona Virus (Covid-19).

Emirates Airlines has obtained the necessary approvals to operate a limited number of passenger flights to transport passengers abroad from the Emirates to some of its destinations in 12 countries, as of April 6.

These trips are scheduled to facilitate the travel of visitors and residents who wish to return to their countries, as only the citizens of the destination and those who meet the entry requirements will be allowed to board the plane, where they must meet the requirements and conditions of entry to the country they are traveling to.

Emirates Airlines clarified that there are eight conditions and standards that it follows to transport passengers during the time of Corona, which include:

First, amend the termination of travel procedures on counters and boarding procedures to comply with the rules of social separation.

Second, installing transparent protective shields on all counters as a preventive measure to protect travelers and employees from any risks during the procedures.

Third, the wearing of face masks and gloves and the use of sterilizers have become obligatory for all airport workers.

Fourthly, all passengers must wear their own masks and gloves while performing travel procedures at the airport and on the plane throughout the flight.

Fifthly, applying a new service program on these flights to comply with health and safety regulations, the aircraft does not have any publications.

Sixth: Implementing modified procedures for packing and packaging meals and serving drinks in their original packages, and avoiding contact between crew members and passengers during service.

Seventh, passengers are not permitted to carry hand luggage on planes, except for the laptop, personal handbag, and children's bag, and for each passenger, the weight of the hand luggage available for his class is added to the permitted weight of his baggage that is placed in the cargo hold.

Eighth, all the aircraft are subjected to extensive cleaning and sterilization operations upon their return to Dubai after each flight, according to Al Bayan newspaper.