scheduled flights
scheduled flights

Determine the start time of Emirates' scheduled flights and the method of reservation.

In this context, Emirates Airlines has specified, in a statement, the date for the start of Emirates' scheduled flights and the method of reservation, provided that the first of next June, regular flights for Emirates Airlines will be available for reservation to most destinations within its global network.

It is worth noting that these regular flights available for two-way reservations, do not include the special flights previously announced by Emirates Airlines and currently operating to some destinations in the framework of facilitating the travel of visitors and residents wishing to return to their countries and helping citizens to return to the Emirates.

On the other hand, the official spokesperson for Emirates Airlines stressed that only some flights are available for reservation, but the situation is still dynamic and scheduled flights available for reservation may change during the coming period based on developments.

He emphasized in his statement that Emirates Airlines always aims to provide our customers with the largest possible amount of information in the event of any changes. "

Also, the company is always in touch with developments in the impact of the Corona virus

Taking into account the resumption of services as soon as circumstances permit, and this includes obtaining government approvals, easing restrictions on travel and commercial demand, "adding," We will announce the resumption of service when we are in a position to do so. "

It is worth noting that Emirates Airlines has confirmed the update of the exemption policy, which it followed due to the spread of the "Covid-19" epidemic, as it facilitated the process of re-booking and canceling travel tickets to all the markets it serves around the world,

On the other hand, the company revealed three options, which are: keeping tickets for 760 days, obtaining a travel voucher for two years, or retrieving the entire value of tickets or unused vouchers, according to what the Emirates Today published