An armed attack on an international airport and the cancellation of flights

Today, Wednesday, March 23, Somali media reported the cancellation of domestic and international flights at Mogadishu Airport, following the attack on the airport

Today, Wednesday, Agence France-Presse quoted eyewitnesses as confirming that the gunmen stormed the Hallan compound, which includes the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia, the embassies of various countries, including the United States, and the missions of international relief organizations.

The agency quoted an employee of the Mogadishu airport security service, Muhammad Ali, as saying: "There is shooting in the vicinity of the airport, and we learned that it was an attack carried out by gunmen. We do not have details yet, but the security forces are currently confronting them."

And the Somali police announced that the security forces were responding to an attempt by gunmen to storm an army base near Mogadishu airport