An Australian plane crashes this morning
An Australian plane crashes this morning

An Australian plane crashes this morning as a result of the destruction of its plane in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

In a connected context, the head of the fire fighting department in the state revealed that the fire had blown up the Hercules C-130 in his area, the Saru area.

Earlier, the authorities in Astralia had announced that they had lost contact with a large plane that was fighting forest fires.

On the other hand, the UAE government has revealed the social networking platform "Twitter" that "fire-fighting service in rural areas in NSW check the current time in the reports of a serious incident involving a plane in the south of the state this afternoon."

For her part, the Australian authorities have launched warnings of the danger of fires in some areas, where it is expected to reach temperatures in New South Wales 40 degrees Celsius above zero the next day.

For his part, fire fighting team has revealed that forest fires broke out again in the vicinity of the Australian capital, Canberra, close to the city's airport, on Wednesday, prompting residents to stay away from the eye.

While on the other side roads, the Australian authorities have been closed and asked residents to leave or stay away from the suburbs east of the capital, while the published images showed on social networking sites with high gray smoke over the suburbs, while there were reports of casualties or material damage.

As his inheritance in relation to the Australian people at the present time, the Australian government is trying to control the situation through the force of the utterers, who are the ones who do not come out.

It should be Alacharah to forest fires in Australia is not new. It is repeated every year and Nha natural phenomenon that every year the Australian Government is preparing her fear for the lives of citizens in Australia.