An explosion in Basra Governorate, southern Iraq kills and injures

A violent explosion in Iraq leaves a number of dead and wounded, and Iraqi security personnel are combing the site of the explosion in the city of Basra, which witnessed this accident.

​Field follow-up to the Iraq explosion, which left dead and wounded, and the Iraqi security forces at the site of the explosion in Basra, killing 4 people and wounding at least 4 others, Tuesday, as a result of a booby-trapped motorcycle explosion in the city of Basra, southern Iraq.

Basra explosion: Several killed as blast rocks Iraqi city

In a preliminary outcome of the accident, the Security Media Cell in Iraq, based on the numbers of the Health Department in Basra, said that this explosion had killed four people and injured four others, and the Security Media Cell added in a statement that the victims who fell were in two vehicles near Exploding motorcycle.

Hence, the correspondent of Al-Wasat newspaper in Iraq had previously reported that an explosion occurred as a result of a booby-trapped motorcycle in the Old Basra area, and eyewitnesses were quoted as saying that the explosion resulted in deaths and injuries as a result of this incident.

And through the Iraqi media, pictures circulated showed the fire, which caught a motorcycle and another car, near a bridge in the city of Basra, and Basra province is considered a quiet security and has not witnessed terrorist attacks for many years.

Earlier this past week, 5 Kurdish Peshmerga fighters were killed and 4 others wounded in an explosive device explosion targeting a military vehicle in northern Iraq, while the President of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Nechirvan Barzani, considered the expansion of the terrorist organization's attacks a serious threat to the region .