corona virus
corona virus

Member of the Higher Committee for Viruses of the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt, "Adel Khattab," explained a very important scientific fact related to the emerging corona virus.

Member of the Higher Committee for Viruses of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education, Adel Khattab, explained that there is no single scientific fact to date that proves that the Corona virus has weakened. Combine the two hardships, between the presence of the virus on the one hand, and work to advance the economy on the other hand, and he made it clear that the recognized issue is the continued existence of the virus and there is a high possibility for it to return in the form of a second wave in the fall or next winter.

He said that the citizen should not go out of the house without wearing a muzzle, and also must apply the social spacing as much as possible and wash hands constantly, noting that there should be no complacency or intimidation about the Corona virus.

The letter stressed that sea water or swimming pools do not transmit infection with the Coronavirus, but the ones that transmit the infection are gatherings.

The expert warned that pregnancy is a risk factor and it has not yet been proven that the fetus is infected with the virus through blood, but it is possible for the virus to be transmitted to it after birth by feeding or breathing.

It is remarkable that the number of infections around the world exceeded the Coruna virus by more than 10 million, and has so far claimed about half a million lives over a period of seven months.