air traffic
air traffic

A new urgent statement was issued by the General Administration of Civil Aviation in the State of Kuwait, in which it announced the suspension of commercial air traffic with the state of India until further notice due to a tsunami of the double mutation Corona injuries that indicates the spread of the Corona virus is greatly deepening.

The General Administration of Civil Aviation in the State of Kuwait confirmed through its official account on Twitter that, based on the instructions of the health authorities after assessing the global situation of the Corona pandemic, all direct commercial flights coming from India have been suspended from today, Saturday, April 24, until further notice.

The administration also stated that it will prevent entry of all passengers from India directly or through other countries, unless they stay outside India for at least 14 days.

As for Kuwaiti citizens, they and their first-degree relatives and domestic workers will be allowed to enter.

The administration also clarified that this decision does not include the ban on cargo flights.