The Australian government has concluded two additional agreements with manufacturers of an anti-corona virus vaccine, allowing the country to receive more than 134 million doses in total, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced today, Thursday. ...

Morrison explained that under the two new deals, "Novavax" will provide 40 million doses of vaccine, and "Pfizer Biotec" will provide 10 million doses.

Morrison said that if these vaccines prove safe and effective, it is expected that they will be available in Australia in early or mid-2021.

The two deals add to two previous agreements, one with the University of Oxford and the pharmaceutical giant "AstraZenka", and the other local from the University of Queensland with the biotechnology company "CSL".

These new agreements bring the country's investments related to "Covid 19" to 2.3 billion US dollars.

The government is preparing a preliminary plan to make vaccines available in early 2021, free of charge, and without being mandatory.