Australia prohibits dealing with the Venezuelan Airlines
Australia prohibits dealing with the Venezuelan Airlines

This morning, the Australian government revised the rating of the Venezuelan state aviation company (CONVIASA) as a "prohibited company," according to an executive order issued on February 7, according to a statement issued by the Ministry's heart, Alfterighastralaa reformulated your Pompeo water.

In a related context, the Ministry of Aviation revealed in a statement that was moved through the Free Australia Channel instead of acting as a bridge between peoples, that the use of this airline to move Maduro and his inner circle to consult with dictators, authoritarian regimes and other criminals in all countries of the world.

In this regard, as a result of this procedure, we know that the United States of America is currently considered prohibited from working with the airline, or that the prevention of aircraft includes leasing, contracting, re-supply of petroleum materials or purchasing, except for what is permitted. "

It is expected that this measure increases the pressure on President Maduro to negotiate seriously and open the way out of the crisis through a transitional government leading to free and fair presidential elections.
And from side to time Pompeo has continued, saying: "The United States is committed to supporting the people of Venezuela, and the interim president Juan Joaidu, the National Assembly elected democratically in their struggle for democracy courageous restoration of Venezuela.
The administration of US President Donald Trump imposes a series of sanctions targeting the Venezuelan economy, but also Maduro and its environs.
And among these sanctions, the ban imposed by Washington in April 2019 on the oil of Venezuela is highlighted in addition to the strict financial penalties.
Russia is one of the most prominent supporters of the Socialist President Maduro, next to China and Cuba, and Moscow is considered the second day of Caracas, after Beijing.
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