Australian authorities imposed a fine of $ 3.6 million (2.55 USD)

$ 1 million) to an Australian company that owns the largest theme park in

The country has flaws in its safety measures, which resulted in 4

Deaths in 2016.

In the park "Dreamworld" in Australia's Gold Coast, tourist area

In the eastern part of the country, two men and two women were killed in a game collision

Water adventure.

A Queensland court ruled that the company had violated state laws regarding

Safety and health measures, with fines of up to $ 4.5 million


In a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange, a city owner admitted

Ardent Leisure says it takes full responsibility

About the accident and I apologize "without reservation."

The company was criticized even after trying to reopen the site before it was buried

Victims. The company said the new government had conducted a "comprehensive review."

For safety measures, compensation was paid to most families and persons

Affected by the accident.