booking airline flights
booking airline flights

After the global quarantine measures, "travel agencies" revealed to the press hours ago that flights are available for reservation on company websites.

Travel agencies and executives said that airlines operate in a rapidly changing global environment and seek to abide by government decisions and regulatory requirements to tackle the spread of the Corona virus, noting that flights are available for reservation on corporate websites, but travel It depends on the restrictions in the first place.

They told «Emirates Today»: «Customers can make reservations for the limited trips currently offered by companies, in addition to those available for reservation after the expiry of the period of the provisional suspension decisions, but the availability of flights on the websites does not necessarily mean that the airline will transfer Traveler, if a regulatory authority or an authority imposes new restrictions, or has resorted to extending previously imposed restrictions.

In detail, Mohamed Jassim Al-Rayes, the executive vice president of Al-Rais Travel Company, said, “Dealers can make their reservations for the limited trips that companies are currently offering, in addition to those available for reservation after the expiry of the period of the temporary suspension decisions for the coming period.” He explained that “in all Conditions are subject to new travel restrictions. ”

"The flights are available on the websites of the airlines, but travelers are always advised to check before traveling," Al-Rayyis added, noting that "they can re-book and cancel if any new restrictions are imposed on those destinations they go to."

He stressed that «airlines have different policies regarding options for re-booking or cancellation, and therefore it is important for customers to verify them before making the reservation».

"There are several issues that need to be verified, including a travel ban or general guidelines against unnecessary travel, as well as quarantine requirements at the point of arrival, as well as government decisions to prevent their citizens from traveling," Al-Rayyes said.

He stressed the importance of continuous communication with airlines and the requirements issued by countries regarding travel procedures, during this stage, to take appropriate decisions to re-book or cancel it, pointing out that reservations are subject to conditions in all cases.