Corona virus
Corona virus

Important instructions from airlines for all citizens and residents due to Corona, instructions from "Emirates Airlines" regarding the Corona virus.

Emirates Airlines stated, "There are many countries that have imposed travel and immigration restrictions due to the new Corona Virus (Covid-19), and the company confirmed that it is advised to check the website to find out the latest updates on flights, re-booking options and refund money.

The company stated that all travelers should check the relevant travel instructions for the countries they travel to and from, and in this situation, it is their responsibility to ensure that there are no restrictions on entry to their destination. They should also verify the correctness of their contact details to receive the latest notifications, indicating that they closely monitor the situation, and will keep travelers constantly informed of the latest operational updates.

The company added on its website that travelers affected by these procedures, should contact the travel agent or the "Emirates Airlines" office, to take advantage of the options of re-reservation or refund, noting that to request a refund, travelers who booked directly with "Emirates Airlines" can visit The page for requesting a refund online and adding a "request for a refund due to corona virus" in the comments section. As for travelers who booked with a travel agent, they must contact their travel agent to request a refund.

It also confirmed that it will not accept travelers who carry Umrah or tourism visas from more than twenty countries until further notice, in line with the Saudi government's directives to contain the outbreak of the Corona virus. And that Saudi visa holders from China, Japan, Italy, Iran, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and a number of other countries will not be accepted on Emirates Airlines flights that Saudi Arabia is its last destination.

It is worth noting that the Saudi Foreign Ministry announced the temporary suspension of entry to the Kingdom for the purposes of Umrah and the temporary visit of the Prophet’s Mosque to provide maximum protection from the new Corona Virus (COFED-19) for the safety of citizens and residents and everyone who intends to come to the Kingdom’s lands.