Boeing 737 plane with 133 people on board crashes

A China Eastern Airlines plane with 133 people on board crashed Monday in southwest China, public television reported, without announcing the death toll for the time being.

CCTV reported that the Boeing-737 crashed near the city of Wuzhou in Guangxi Province, causing a mountain fire, noting that ambulance teams were sent to the site.

Chinese media said that the passenger plane belonged to China Eastern Airlines, and the accident occurred in Guangxi.

The Boeing 737 crashed in the countryside near Wuzhou city in Guangxi region, and "the accident caused a fire in the mountain," China Central Television reported, adding that rescue teams had been sent to the scene.

No casualties have yet been revealed, after the plane crashed in the Chinese mountains, while rescue teams are approaching the crash site

Videos spread on social media showed the appearance of thick smoke from the fuselage of the plane, which is between the mountains, after the collision that caused a mountain fire, according to Chinese sources.