Flights canceled
Flights canceled

Flights canceled due to major storm and floods

British storm cancels flights to and from some airports
EasyJet has detected a "major downtime" of its operations, while Luton Airport advises all travelers to check with the airlines that fly them before they leave their homes.

According to the Environmental Agency, the number of flood warnings has increased dramatically recently.

A strong storm hit Britain and the study is suspended
It is worth noting that Britain D was subjected to the second storm in one week and it is a strong storm like the one that it recently departed and which meteorologists called the storm Kiara, which prompted the authorities to issue a flood warning in many parts of the country and disrupt flights and rail services as Many schools have started a school vacation.

The storm Kiara affects the movement of life in Britain
In this context, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai revealed that torrential rains and strong storms storm Britain's Denis, coming after one week of storm Kiara, which led to the interruption of transportation, the dumping of homes with water and the power cuts to thousands.

Many military personnel are building barriers and repairing flood defenses in Yorkshire, northern England, where the land has already been saturated with water due to the rains that fell last week.

On the other hand, the British Defense Minister, Ben Wallace, said: "The government will not hesitate to use all available means to mitigate the effects of the storm," according to what was published by Al-Rai newspaper.