Cases of objection to failure in the driving test in Dubai. The objection

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has identified 5 reasons why the person who fails the driving test can object to the test result, including that the examinee does not deserve to fail, such as if he has made a simple and not serious mistake, secondly, that he has not made any mistakes at all, and thirdly, if the examination period Insufficient, or fourthly, that the examination period is long and exceeds the customary time for taking the test, in addition to the fifth reason related to the trainee’s dissatisfaction with the examination result because he is convinced that it was not translated into the reality of his performance during the examination and that there is no valid and convincing reason for the examiner to fail the examinee.

The person who failed the examination may submit a grievance request to the authority’s supervisor at the examination center in which the examination was taken within two working days of the failure in the road examination for light vehicles. the new.
It is required to attach a number of documents with the grievance request, including the traffic file number, the error sheet approved by the examiner for the last driving test, in addition to the grievance request form on the result of the road examination, i.e. the final driving examination.

The fees required to obtain the grievance service over the examination result are 520 dirhams, distributed as follows: 200 dirhams for the new examination fee, 300 dirhams for grievance application fees, in addition to 20 dirhams of innovation and knowledge fee.