Corona virus
Corona virus

Corona at the last dinner table: the two sons died and the mother joined them and the rest were dying.

In a real tragedy that indicates the threat of the Corona virus, an American woman from New Jersey died on Thursday, after she was infected with the virus described by the human enemy, without knowing that her two sons had been infected with the same infection, and that they had also left the world.

According to CNN, according to the New York Times, Grace Fusco, 73, died while not aware of the death of her son and older daughter as a result of "Covid 19".

A relative of the family said that 4 other children also suffer from the Corona virus, and they are in hospital now, of whom 3 are in critical condition.

According to the newspaper, it appears that infection with the virus occurred during a "family dinner" held this month.

Rita Fusco Jackson, 55, the eldest daughter of Grace Fusco, died on Friday, and it turned out that she was infected with the Corona virus, while son Carmine Fusco died just before his mother.

The newspaper said that about 20 other relatives were quarantined in their homes.