Corona virus in water
Corona virus in water

Corona virus discovered in Paris splashing water.

In this context, a source in France revealed that a small amount of Corona virus, which was emerging in the water used to clean the streets and irrigate public parks, was discovered. Immediately, Paris closed part of its water network

However, the source confirmed that drinking water in Paris is still safe.

On the other hand, the municipality reported that a municipal water laboratory discovered "traces of the virus" at four of the 27 sampling points in the city's network of water not used for drinking. This network differs from the city's drinking water network.

Immediately, all the Paris gardens, parks and fountains were closed to the public, as part of the procedures to close down the spread of Corona.

It is worth noting that the non-drinking water, which is drawn from the Seine River, and the Urk Canal are used to clean the streets, watering herbs in the city's parks and gardens, which are currently closed to the public, and also provide its fountains with water. This is according to what the Emirates newspaper published today