Paper on a can causes an official statement of regret from an aircraft

KLM the Illustrious Dutch Carriers has officially apologized to its travelers and travelers on the inability to utilize a washroom on one of its planes because of worries over the Crown infection. 

Seoul South Korea where one of the group individuals put a white sheet on the washroom entryway that read in penmanship in Korean Latrine for team as it were. 

At that point updates on the episode spread through online life which prompted the organization dealing with indictments of racial victimization voyagers from South Korea under the affection of dread of the spread of the infection. 

Geum Glass senior supervisor of the Korea part of the organization told a news gathering This is a human mistake and we apologize for it.

 We take claims that we victimize a portion of our travelers genuinely and we profoundly lament since this was considered by some to be separation which was not in The aim of the group is totally.  Cited from Sky News Arabia. 

The organization representative stated In some cases it happens that a washroom is held for the team as it were.

 Normally we educate all travelers regarding the toilets assigned for the group as it were. 

This time the guidance was written in the Korean language just and the English form was coincidentally erased which was shown by one of the travelers We profoundly lament this was viewed as separation which was not the expectation of the group by any stretch of the imagination.