Corona virus
Corona virus

Corona virus is spreading in a nearby city.

A great mystery in the Iranian city of Qom raises questions after announcing the death of people living with the virus just hours after confirming that they are infected with the virus, to come after the detection of 9 new infections, amid fears that the real numbers will be much larger

On Wednesday, Iran officially announced the discovery of the first two cases of the Coronavirus in Qom, and hours later their deaths had been announced

And Thursday, the Iranian News Agency said that the number of confirmed cases of the virus reached 5 cases, 4 in Qom and 1 in Arak, where two died in Qom on Wednesday.

Radio "Frada", which specializes in Iranian affairs, said that the officials ’recognition of the deaths and injuries of the Korna virus in Qom implies that the virus has spread in the city, which is the religious capital of Iran.

Iranian officials have tried to broadcast signals that the situation is under control, but this does not appear to have convinced the city's residents

The picture appeared to be much more difficult on the communication networks, as its pioneers shared videos showing the state of terror in Qom hospitals, following the spread of news of HIV infections.

Many Qom residents lined up to buy masks, while a video posted on the evacuation of a hospital in the city intended for quarantine for patients with HIV

Special Forces

Videos showed the authorities pushing special forces into the city, without the authorities announcing the reason for this action

Fear can be explained in Qom, as it is a holy city for Shiites, and thousands of Iranians visit it daily

It is not clear how the two people who died in Qom were injured, but Iranian Health Ministry officials confirmed that they had not traveled to China and had not left the city.

In a measure that seems to confirm that the matter is dangerous in Qom, the authorities in Medina announced the suspension of school hours and universities.

It appears that the panic has spread to the virtual world, as the subject of the Corona virus overshadowed the interests of Iranian tweets, as the Trend Map tool showed that the marking of the "Corona virus" covers most of the Iranian regions.

Many took the communication networks to express their discontentment with the Iranian government, which they said was hiding the facts, while many of them expressed fear that the victims of the virus in the country could be much more than what was announced.