Lost fishermen in South Australia return home after being found alive have lost nearly a week at sea

Two fishermen were found alive off the coast of South Australia nearly a week after they last heard of them, and they are now on their way to shore.
Derek Robinson and Tony Higgins managed to call the family overnight, to tell them they were fine, just hours after the official search was canceled.
The two men were found floating somewhere around Salt Creek, southeast of Julua where they were initially heading, before they encountered an engine problem.
Their ordeal began when they left Coven Bay, near Port Lincoln, on a boat called "Margrill" around 3 pm last Thursday.
The men called a friend at around 11 pm on Friday to say the ship was having an engine problem and that they were not in distress but were planning to divert their course to nearby Kangaroo Island.
For days, police, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and members of the Royal Australian Air Force roamed the waters but found no signs of life.