Flights stopped
Flights stopped

The Civil Aviation Authority of the State of Bangladesh announces, in a statement, the suspension of all international and domestic flights to and from Bangladesh until next April 20, in conjunction with another closure to cope with the rise in cases of the new Corona virus.

Where Moufid Rahman, Deputy Air Marshal at the Civil Aviation Authority in Bangladesh, announced that more than 500 flights have been canceled due to the ban, and explained that airports in Bangladesh are now operating at a rate of between 70 and 75 flights per day.

The authority stated that domestic passenger flights and chartered helicopter flights are among the flights that will be suspended, while some medical evacuations, humanitarian relief and cargo flights may be excluded.

It is worth noting that the increase in cases of Coronavirus has prompted the Bangladeshi government to impose a nationwide lockdown.

Bangladesh has recorded about 684,756 injuries, and the number of deaths has reached 9,739 cases so far since the first case of corona was recorded in March of last year, according to what was published by the newspaper Sabq.