Airlines resume some flights with significant staff reductions.

In Bahrain: Yesterday, Bahrain resumed the re-reception of transit flights after it limited passenger reception services to Bahrainis on March 25.

Yesterday, government ministries and institutions began reducing the attendance of employees to 70%.

In the UAE: Emirates airports have granted Emirates to emirates to certain destinations, and as a result, the airline will begin operations to specific destinations from Terminal 2 at Dubai International Airport from today, the Dubai Airports Corporation said.

In Saudi Arabia: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced to all citizens and citizens abroad the launch of the electronic service for the return of citizens wishing to return, and will deal with electronically registered applications and schedule travel according to the approved plan.

The ministry indicated that the registration of return data to the Kingdom will start from Sunday 12/08/1441 H, 05/04/2020, and will continue for five days, and will be a priority for Saudi citizens abroad who are in the countries most affected by the spread of the coronavirus, the elderly and pregnant women.