Greece receives its first high-speed passenger train
Greece receives its first high-speed passenger train

A new use of the electric train in Greece

Trainose as of late invited Greece's first high velocity jolted traveler train expected to lead the Athens – Thessaloniki schedule in under four hours. 

The high - speed train (alluded to as Silver Arrow or White Arrow) will go through its first tests during the most recent seven day stretch of January to be prepared to lead its launch on March 25, the day Greece commends the 200-year commemoration since the Greek 1821 Revolution. 

The pristine ETR470 Pendolino train began its excursion from Alstom's manufacturing plant in Savigliano, northern Italy a week ago. It crossed four nations – Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Northern Macedonia – towed by electric carts, and arrived at Thessaloniki on Saturday – two days in front of timetable. 

For its upkeep, Trainose is redesigning its offices in Thessaloniki, which are set to get quite possibly the most current in Europe. 

The ETR 470 is required to before long go through its first presentation tests and get its last certificates. 

Besides, Trainose's rail line motor drivers will finish their preparation with the commitment of FS (Trenitalia) heads until March. 

This is the first of five fast electric traveler trains to be gained via Trainose. It is required to cover the Athens-Thessaloniki course in three hours and a quarter, making the outing more limited by around 45 minutes. 

Established in 2005, the nation's traveler and cargo train administrator Trainose is claimed by Italian state rail route bunch Ferrovie dello Stato (FS) Italiane.