One mistake may cost a lot .. Hospital releases a patient with "Corona"

In a move that could lead to the spread of the disease, which caused great inconvenience to many countries, a hospital in the United States decided, on Monday, to release an American infected with the emerging "Corona" virus, who had been evacuated from China.

US health officials said that the authorities had released a patient with the new coronavirus from San Diego Hospital for a short time, after an error in the test result.

The patient was among a group of patients who were tested to verify the virus, and it was found that they were "all" healthy, and were thus allowed to be discharged from the University of California hospital, according to the Guardian newspaper.

Later, it was confirmed that the tests conducted for the released patients, in a center for disease control and prevention, so that it becomes clear that the results of one of them were positive, that is, he was infected with the virus.

The CDC advised the hospital to return the patient, whose test results were positive for the virus, to the hospital the next day.

The patient arrived last week aboard a plane carrying evacuated US citizens from China and was one of those admitted to the San Diego Hospital, where they were held in the isolation department to prevent their transfer to their communities before making sure that they are free from the disease that transmits between humans.

According to reports, the patient was re-held in isolation units at the University of California Medical Facility in San Diego, and was said to be "in good shape" with "minimal symptoms".