Hundreds demonstrate in Paris demanding sanctions against Turkey
Hundreds demonstrate in Paris demanding sanctions against Turkey

Hundreds of Kurds and their supporters demonstrated in Paris on Saturday in support of Syria's Kurds, calling on European countries to impose "concrete sanctions" on Turkey to stop its hand in northeastern Syria.

Demonstrators, estimated by the organizers to number 5,000, accompanied a band that played traditional Kurdish music. The participants gathered quietly in the Place de la République in central Paris.

The demonstrators then marched in the French capital to Chateau Square, where speeches were made.

Last month, Turkey launched an offensive in northeastern Syria against the YPG.

Ankara ended its offensive on October 23 in light of two agreements with the United States and Russia.

It seeks to establish a "safe zone" with a depth of 30 kilometers along its border with Syria.

"The Turks do not respect the agreements with the Russians and the Americans and continue to invade and expand their deployment in northern Syria," said Ajit Bolat, a spokesman for the Kurdish Democratic Council of France.

Polat stressed the need for a separation force to maintain border security.

"There is a process of ethnic cleansing and political repression against the Kurdish people. Turkey will be prosecuted for its criminal acts."

Polat also said that "this crisis today is due to the inaction of European countries. The only way to force Turkey to abandon its process is to impose tangible sanctions (especially), especially economic."