I categorically refused to impose taxes on the tastiest televisions
I categorically refused to impose taxes on the tastiest televisions

Smartphone TV license fee charging plans

an official source inside the Ministry of Communications said that it plans to proceed with the changes to TV licenses in South Africa, which have now begun to require users to pay TV fees, and have faced opposition from the smart phone company.

Which means selling Internet services, which offered its customers the ability to close all television-related services in South Africa and give them certificates confirming that they cannot watch South African television and thus can be exempted from paying the monthly fees.

It is an old decision of the South African Parliament that made the electronic equipment through which it is possible to watch the channels of Swedish television to fall under the list that requires its owner to pay fees for broadcasting radio and television.

In a presentation to Parliament this week, the ministry said the proposed changes were confirmed in the draft white paper on audiovisual media, which is currently open for public comment through February 15.

"The issues raised in the draft white paper will broaden the range of TV access tariffs, and strengthen enforcement issues," she said.

Currently, a TV license is only required when purchasing a TV that is capable of receiving a broadcast signal. The TV license is valid for twelve months and is renewed at the end of the license period.

Under the planned changes, a TV license will also be required to purchase other electronic devices, including tablets and computers. The department also hinted at requiring a TV license for streaming services like Netflix.