World Health Organization
World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed the health of women suspected of being infected with the Coronavirus, or their condition has been confirmed; To continue breastfeeding their babies; Where global health said its guidance depends on more than one potential transmission factor of the deadly virus between mothers and their babies.

The organization added that the benefits of breastfeeding significantly outweigh the potential risks of transmission of the Coronavirus.

Global Health indicated that researchers reviewed studies that included mothers suspected of contracting HIV and their children, and that they were unable to determine how children were infected with the virus conclusively.

The organization added that the researchers found that it was not clear whether breast milk was the source of infection, or close contact with infected mothers.

"In the case of infants, the risk of developing corona is low, and the infection is usually mild or asymptomatic," the researchers concluded. The consequences of not breastfeeding, and the separation of the mother and the child, can be significant.

Researchers said that other breastfeeding-protected infections pose a much greater risk to infants and children than corona.

And global health confirmed that «based on the available evidence, the recommendations of the World Health Organization regarding the initiation and continued breastfeeding of infants, also apply to mothers who are suspected of being infected or (their condition) confirmed».