A number of instructions have been issued recently to all travelers explaining to them how they can protect themselves when traveling to countries that are witnessing a significant spread of the "monkeypox" disease, which has begun to spread widely worldwide recently.

The world is currently witnessing a worrying epidemiological situation again, not only because of the spread of the Corona virus and its many disturbing mutations, but also because of the emergence of a new virus and disease that can spread very quickly in all countries of the world, and scientists are not safe until their fears of it intensified, which were announced earlier recently by the World Health Organization, and it is a disease Monkey pox.

In this context, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection in the United Arab Emirates, hours ago, published a tweet representing a new circular for all travelers through its platform or its official page on the social networking site "Twitter".

In its last tweet, the Ministry of Health advised all travelers to areas where monkeypox infections are likely to be, about the steps they must adhere to and follow, in order to protect themselves well from the transmission of monkeypox infection to them.

On a related note, the Ministry of Health stressed the need for travelers to avoid infection with monkeypox, explaining to them that they can actually safely avoid infection if they:

Avoid contact with infected animals, whether dead or live animals.

Refrain from eating or handling wild game.

Wash hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.