Important Statement Kuwait bans travel without an ID card
Important Statement Kuwait bans travel without an ID card

Sabah Al-Yam, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, has instructed the Kuwaiti authorities to warn all departures and residents inside Kuwait of new cases that expose them to a ban on completing travel at any time, and the return of their uncle's delegation until the legal requirements of the order are met. No travel without an ID card for a resident inside Kuwait.

On the other hand, according to what was published on the social networking site, and on the other hand, Al-Qabas electronic newspaper has been published in Kuwait, the Public Authority for Civil Information has issued an important statement today stating that "the certificate of who is interested" given to some of the people, does not substitute for the civil card When traveling.

In a related context, what was included in the statement of Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, the Emir of Kuwait, that the security authorities have the right and do not allow the bearer to leave the country, explaining that the certificates issued by them contain the information of individuals, whether he is a resident or a citizen of the Kuwaitis, and the period of valid stay and other information that It contains any civil card.

It may be granted during the current period due to the delay in issuing the new cards for 2020, and it can be used as personal proof, and as evidence of the validity of the stay only, but it is not considered reliable at the airport and the rest of the outlets, according to some responsible sources.

On the other hand, a recent statistic of a department within Kuwait announced that implementation in the Ministry of Justice indicated that the number of arrest and habeas corpus orders against debtors amounted to more than 78,000 orders during 10 months of the current year, which means that 354 warrants and summons orders are issued daily.

At the end of the position and the end of the statistical statement obtained by Al-Qabas newspaper, travel ban orders during the same period amounted to 65,888 against citizens and residents. She pointed out that the orders to lift the travel ban amounted to 36 thousand and 114, and orders to lift the arrest and bringing order for the debtor amounted to 67 thousand and 440. The statistic showed that orders to renew the seizure and bringing of a debtor amounted to more than 31 thousand orders, according to what was published by the Kuwaiti Al-Qabas Agency.