Corona strain
Corona strain

Imposing exceptional restrictions on arrivals in several regions due to the mutated Corona, for fear of the new Corona strain, and the following are the full details.

In recent days, the world has witnessed the imposition of additional measures and restrictions due to recent developments related to the spread of the new strain of the mutated Corona virus that appeared days ago in Britain and recorded a wide spread.

In this context, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America announced a new decision, starting on Monday, December 28, 2020, before entering the United States.

The center announced new restrictions on all travelers from Britain and required them to submit negative results for a Corona virus test, 72 hours before arriving to the United States.

These new decisions come due to the great concern about the spread of the mutated strain of the Corona virus, Covid 19.

It is worth noting that America has announced that it will not impose coronavirus checks on travelers coming from Britain, but it has reconsidered the matter and obligated them to take the checks, declaring that there is no need to stop British flights.