Imposing severe travel restrictions on travelers to these destinations.. Categories excluded restrictions

In urgent news, hours before, new decisions were issued regarding imposing strict travel restrictions on travelers to Russian destinations, and the categories excluded from the restrictions were identified, as Moscow imposed a new procedure on foreign travelers to it.

The Ministry of the Interior of Russia revealed. It will be required of immigrant and foreign workers. Those who enter the country for more than 90 days. Subject to compulsory submission of fingerprints and photography. As of December 29th

The ministry confirmed, according to "TASS". That “citizens of Belarus may be exempted. And foreigners who have not reached the age of 6 years. Compulsory fingerprinting and photographing

It was stated in a draft decision to be issued by the Ministry. Exemption from submitting fingerprints and photocopying. It will also include officials of international organizations. Those who have entered Russia to perform official duties, as well as their family members

It will also include heads and members of diplomatic missions. Or consular offices and holders of diplomatic and service passports. and staff, administrative and technical members of military attachés. and trade missions and other public authorities in foreign countries. In addition to the families of the aforementioned categories