return of normal life
return of normal life

The European Union Agency for Disease Prevention said that the rules of social distancing and putting on protective masks could be eased for those who received the vaccination, adding to the signs that the acceleration in the pace of vaccination against the Corona virus could pave the way for a gradual return to normal life, according to Bloomberg News. today is Wednesday.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control confirmed that when fully vaccinated individuals meet other fully vaccinated individuals, the rules of social distancing and wearing face masks can be relaxed.

The center also stated that the rules can also be relaxed, even when people who have received the vaccination meet others who have not yet received it, as long as there are no risk factors for serious disease or low effectiveness of the vaccine for any of the attendees.

The center indicated that the easing of these rules is due to the lower risk of severe symptoms among those who have received vaccinations.

This also reduces the risk of contracting the virus from a person who has been vaccinated, according to Al-Bayan newspaper.