The Kenyan government is discussing adjusting workers' salaries ...

The Kenyan government is looking, through the meetings, for solutions to the end of the financial crises in the country due to the circumstances that the world is facing at the present time..

After the Covid-19 numbers, the other firmly followed figures as of now are those of employment misfortunes because of the financial effect of this sickness. 

Ongoing Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) information demonstrated that in excess of 770,000 youth lost their positions in the initial three months of the year, more than the nation made in 2019. 

We are yet to see the numbers for the second quarter that should be more terrible in view of the negative results of the lockdown and limitations to the economy. 

There were at that point some of A fair sized firms battling to pay compensations of March. The proper area has been intensely hit by the monetary effect of Covid-19 notwithstanding the regular arrangement that they are more secure wagers in work residency. 

An ongoing report by Scanad has it that the greater part of utilized populace have gotten a compensation cut and an expected 435,000 have lost positions. 

However, a sharp watcher of Kenya's work market won't be amazed by this unfurling. Kenya's proper work market is unyielding and flimsy.