Next Friday, the moon appears in a strange shape. It is in an eclipse. All citizens, when looking at it, must wear glasses so that his eyes do not face problems.

June's full moon is alluded to as the "strawberry moon" since it comes during strawberry season. 

On Friday, individuals in numerous pieces of the world can see a fractional penumbral obscuration when the moon goes through Earth's external shadow. 

The shroud will be obvious in Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa, however you can likewise watch it on the web. 

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June's full moon – otherwise called the "strawberry moon" since it comes during strawberry season – might look somewhat darker than ordinary on Friday. 

That is on the grounds that numerous pieces of the world will have the option to see a heavenly occasion known as a halfway penumbral shroud, when part of the moon travels through the World's external shadow. This causes a piece of the moon to seem dimmer. 

The strawberry-moon overshadowing will be noticeable above Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa. Individuals in the US won't see it however can watch the occasion by means of livestream. 

The moon will be at its fullest on Friday at 3:12 p.m. ET, and the Virtual Telescope Undertaking is set to livestream the shroud from Italy beginning at 3 p.m. ET, as the moon darken over Rome's horizon. 

The moon will show up full for around three days, from early Thursday morning into early Sunday morning. 

While the halfway penumbral overshadowing won't have any significant impact on Earth, it can influence some shuttle. 

"For rocket at the moon, for example, the Lunar Surveillance Orbiter, the decrease in sun powered force is recognizable," NASA wrote in a discharge about the strawberry moon. 

The strawberry moniker originates from the Algonquin clans. An old European name for this last spring full moon, in the interim, is the "mead moon" or the "special first night," since individuals believed nectar to be the best during June. (Mead is a mixed beverage produced using matured nectar.) 

During the Medieval times, numerous couples in Europe additionally got hitched in June (as bounty despite everything do today), so that may be the place the custom of considering the principal month of marriage the "special first night" originates from.