New decisions from the Minister of Transport in South Africa regarding violations
New decisions from the Minister of Transport in South Africa regarding violations

Traffic in South Africa announces new decisions regarding violations


light of the South African government's keenness on the interest of the citizens, the Minister of Transport made several important decisions regarding car violations in South Africa and the payment of fines fees electronically.

Dr. Vikili Mbalula, Minister of Transport, has identified a number of initiatives that its administration is currently working on, including a plan to cancel more than 63,000 taxis and end the issue of electronic fees.

Speaking at the debate on the State of the Nation Address in Parliament on Wednesday (18 February), Mpalula said his ministry is also prioritizing "the road to rail conversion."

"By giving road impetus to rail transport, we are implementing long-term interventions that will introduce reforms in the railways, thus making the railways more efficient, efficient and competitive in terms of transporting goods and passengers."

This includes railway policy and legislation that will support and facilitate investment in rail infrastructure, railway modernization, technology, safety and regulation of the economy, and facilitate private sector participation in railways, Mbalula said.

In the short and medium term, we will review and expand the Dangerous Goods List which identifies goods that should not be on the road, for safety reasons. Likewise, heavy-duty trucks with large cubes will not get exceptions on the road, given their impact and the damage they cause to our streets. "

Electronic fees

Mbalula also confirmed that his department is working to get a final answer about the electronic fees.

"We are also required to end the financing and tariff structure of the Gauteng Expressway Improvement Project (GFIP) by the end of this fiscal year," he said.

The electronic tolls have faced resistance from road users since its inception in 2013, which has resulted in non-payment by many, and calls to cancel the system altogether.

In October 2020, Mbalula said his ministry was being banned from introducing new road infrastructure projects due to the lack of a decision on electronic fees.

The minister said that the government of President Cyril Ramaphosa is set to finalize a new funding model for the project after receiving proposals from his ministry.

Mpalula admitted that he believed the problem could have been resolved now, but that the process was affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.