New orders for Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad for citizens and expatriates to be implemented in the beginning of 2020.
New orders for Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad for citizens and expatriates to be implemented in the beginning of 2020.

Issued since shortly morning, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad, new decisions and implementation of the new year, a number of decisions that await all residents in Kuwait, and expatriates to modify the development of expatriates in Kuwait with the passage of bad solutions across Kuwait.

At a later time, these decisions made by Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad were represented several times before, as follows:
Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad issues new decisions for all citizens and expatriates, and the implementation of 2020 is the new year.
The resolution No. 1 "Qatar Authority for administrative oversight and investigation" submitted to the National Authority for Combating Corruption, corruption, and all violators of public funds in Kuwait, and modified his name to be "the regulatory body and the anti-corruption body within Kuwait.
Resolution No. 2 issued by Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad to assume head of the National Anti-Corruption Commission until the completion of all necessary legal procedures for that work according to the performance of the powers of the Supervisory Board and the investigation.
He may exercise the powers of the head of the Administrative Investigations Department, and he may delegate a person he deems necessary to exercise some of these powers.
The decision comes third in construction alone, the criminal investigation and prosecution in the oversight body and the fight against corruption, a specialist in criminal investigation and prosecution of criminal cases related to financial and administrative corruption.
The decision comes number four of Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad beside the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the fight against corruption in Kuwait in coordination with the Attorney General in order to continue the prosecutor in the investigation of financial and administrative corruption affairs in some areas inside Kuwait, which have no branches of the oversight body and anti-corruption cases, provided that It is created strictly between the Public Prosecution and the authority to ensure that the follow-up to these cases is determined. By the authority and it ends with.
Decision No. (5) that the spatial competence in all matters related to the issues of financial and administrative corruption is the same.
Resolution No. 6 that "the Oversight Committee and the fight against corruption" take the necessary measures with regard to corruption offenses, financial and administrative perpetrators of corruption and the parties, whether they are people with a normal nature of civilians or military personnel in the country, or who have been appointed or with others, or personal persons with ethics-related With these crimes.
Decision No. 7 states that the competent court’s judgment is that it condemns any employee or equivalent in a criminal offense that he is persecuted.
The resolution before the last that if resulted in the investigation of a public official or doubts strong similar, affects the dignity of the function or integrity, the President of the Commission, after taking the opinion of head of the agency that belongs to the employee, and suggested his dismissal by a royal order, without affecting it to complete the criminal proceedings Case against him.
Ninth resolution and the latter in the case of a wealth of public employee, and those who are in his reign after the inauguration function is not suitable for the Ministry of income or resources Kuwaiti based on evidence based on financial investigations through the commission of crimes of corruption or any encroachment on the territory of the State or public funds or administrative For Kuwait. .