The Arab Gulf states have prepared new measures to facilitate the departure of expatriates.

In the UAE: The Ministry of Human Resources and Settlement has announced a new initiative aimed at enabling private sector residents to return to their countries during the period of precautionary measures taken at the state level to prevent and reduce the spread of the new Coronavirus by providing their annual leave schedules or agreeing with their employers to grant them unpaid leave.

In Kuwait: The state has provided facilities for the residents to encourage them to leave, especially since the Ministry of Interior has prepared all means of decent life for them from the submission of their applications until their departure at the expense of Kuwait, pointing out in return that any obligations on the violator of the private sector of companies or institutions, the government cannot intervene in them, and the violator has to settle his affairs with the authority until he leaves without problems.

In Saudi Arabia: A source at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development explained that the initiative to enable arrivals to return to their countries includes all activities The source revealed according to the above, that the customer can submit only one application within two weeks with no maximum number of employment in the same application, pointing out that the health facilities dedicated to the conduct of medical examination of employment have been identified and will be announced later.