New Travel Conditions: Latest Procedures and Restrictions for Travelers

The UAE, starting from last February 26, updated the rules for travelers coming to the country, and these rules apply at the airport of departure to travelers coming from abroad to the country.

Serious updates require those coming to the UAE from the category of vaccinators to present an approved certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 containing (QR reader), and this category is not required to present a negative result of the Covid-19 examination at the airport of departure.

As for the non-vaccinated category, they must present the result of a laboratory test for Covid-19 that was conducted within 48 hours before arriving in the UAE, or a recovery certificate from a Covid-19 infection, containing a (QR reader) and issued within one month before traveling, in case of infection The person has already recovered from the virus.

And the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management recently announced a set of updates on the precautionary measures followed in the face of Covid-19, represented in easing preventive measures and precautionary measures.

This comes in line with the state’s strategy in creating a balance between public health and the various vital sectors and in support of national efforts to achieve sustainable recovery while maintaining the health and safety of society in light of the continuation of various activities and a return to a new normal life in the country.

It was decided to wear masks for closed areas and to be optional for open areas, and it was also decided to cancel the quarantine of those in contact with a commitment to conduct a daily laboratory examination for a period of 5 days, for workers in all sectors in the country, and to continue working on the health isolation protocol for the infected as previously announced without any change with Cancel wearing the bracelets of the injured.

The procedures adopted in the Emirate of Dubai include mandatory wearing of masks in all closed areas, and that their use is optional in open places. As for those in contact with the infected, the quarantine will be canceled for contacts who do not suffer from any symptoms, while the isolation protocol for the infected will continue.

With regard to the procedures for travelers coming to Dubai, the vaccinated must present a certificate stating that they have obtained the approved Covid-19 vaccination containing the QR Code system, and for unvaccinated travelers, they will have to present the result of an approved PCR examination within 48 hours or a certificate of recovery from infection with the virus. COVID-19 within one month of travel contains QR Code.