New Zealand Governance issues an important statement this morning to all citizens and residents of New Zealand to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus, which has threatened more than 10 countries today from different places.

Five international trips landed in New Zealand, which was coming from China in the evening today, amid fears of the spread of the Coronavirus who had grown up in China.

Four of those trips arrived in the city of Auckland, while one journey arrived in Christchurch.
It has also been observed that public health workers actively looked for the symptoms of the virus while examining travelers as soon as they reached the country. With a group of nurses ready to serve to measure the temperature of any patients on board.
Also, any person with higher temperatures than the average will receive additional evaluation.
He knew that the excursions were from Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. However, there were no direct flights from New Zealand to the city of Wuhan, which is still under closure.
Health Minister David Clarke said that New Zealand is well prepared to face similar positions, and that the government has been active, but still. .