New Zealand is a new three-day vacation for all state employees
New Zealand is a new three-day vacation for all state employees

The government announced this morning in New Zealand for the disease to work a long-awaited decision of all citizens in the state has allocated Tiffany Arwazan today's disease granting citizens leave weekly babysit days of each Assbaum.

While the government began in New Zealand, four of each week today made him dedicated to playing a game of tennis, he is not motivated by evading responsibilities, but because the Versa company of digital marketing in Australia, which holds the position of project manager, decided almost a year ago to close its doors on Wednesday of each week For sports and gymnastics.

New Zealand application of the new leave system

In the closely related staff may work in the company's government four days a week, but they receive the same salaries they were paid when he was working five days a week while the amendment of this statement be Aovernmnh work each week is four days only.
Where she received today Arwazan initially NBA holiday mid-week concern, because it is by virtue of her position as director of the project, is the point of contact between employees and customers, and was afraid to take responsibility for delayed delivery business schedule or work pressures, or problems in communications workers from time to else .
While the company "Versa" employees re-organize their daily schedule to take advantage of all working hours, based on the piece it has been adjusted wages for state employees as Mmazm meetings have become more focused, and the staff refused side conversations that pointless.

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In the same context Akdat sources that every two weeks in all new plans and regulations to assess the extent of their success or failure, says Arwazan "All employees are keen on the success of this new system, because we all appreciate this kind of flexibility in the work in New Zealand and if we want to keep the middle of the weekend So, we must organize the tasks in the best way to accomplish them in the specified times.
Where Akdat New Zealand Government as keen on the success of this new system before a long time ago, has a time bar Tnvez this new system required of the largest companies Dagel New Zealand, such as banks and government interests aunt that bring a lot of employment in New Zealand.

On the other hand Kath Blakeam, chief executive officer of the company and its founder says since it began, that the company since reduced the number of working days per week in July of last year, annual revenue has increased by 46% and doubled its profit nearly tripled the weakness of the past.

Not attributed Kath Blakeam, chief executive of the credit for the improved performance of the company to reduce the number of days only work, we say we succeed in getting new contracts because of the proficiency of staff for their work in the company, adding that the company attract new business partners because of its reputation in maintaining the permanent staff, and even Those who work on short-term contracts look again at the company again, when GNU profits and Jah.

The New Zealand government grants the people an additional day of vacation

While he has proposed Kath Blakeam, chief executive of reducing the working week to four days, after the company tried numerous time over the systems of ten years, and persuaded the company Blakeam senior managers experience a holiday mid-week system and pledged to goal in the event failed.
When Cath Blackham, the company’s CEO, was founded, her two children were still in their early years, but she resolved to make it clear.
On the other hand you talk Blakeam say I wanted from the outset that proved to be constantly flexible system may succeed even in the most difficult areas that rely on young staff working for long hours, such as existing companies to provide services, as long as I was able to develop an innovative system.
According Blakeam The mid-week holiday allows employees the opportunity to clubbing the gym and end the daily chores, child care, organize appointments and work in their own their projects or even watching TV. Since the application of this system, the number of sick leave days has decreased and staff satisfaction has increased. As employees feel active and energized after returning from vacation twice a week.
Where he was Blakeam's decision to grant employees leave in the middle of the week is aimed at rejuvenating the staff twice a week to carry out more energy from work, rather than extend the weekend, because she was afraid to exploit young people in particular to get a holiday longer to return to work remade the best card.

And the piece noted that giving the employee the freedom to choose holidays that suits him to work each employee Rahto Fa as it may affect the company's productivity because other employees or clients may confuse them up, and do not know the days where the employee resides or not.
It is to time side may Lyra "Jurad Har", a professor of human Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand Resource Management, the mid-week success of the holiday is not surprising, as conducted Har, in the context of research studies, interviews with employees working four days a week at varying dates, and noted that most Employees prefer to have their vacation every week from the beginning of Wednesday.
In the same context, says Har Moakd, that the company closes in the middle of the week back many benefits for employers, because employees return to their jobs on Thursday, more energetic and improve their performance and increase productivity.
While Jurd Haar also continued the performance of the Perpetual Guardian company, for the management of real estate in New Zealand, which applied the work system for four days, days and days. On the contrary, it fell sick days and improved psychological health of the staff and physically, even though the company lost some of its employees who have proven their incompetence in the work under the flexible working hours system.

On the other level, Andrew Barnes says in the same position that we are dealing with, Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Birbechoal Guardian" and its founder, the time has come to reduce the working week to four days instead of five, and while applied Blakeam this system motivated by the desire to achieve flexibility in the work and balance Between work and family life, Barnes was looking for a better way of organizing hours of work after he reached until the worker They are only productive for about two and a half hours every day.
On the other hand states that the owner of Henry Ford car factories was one of the first businessmen who are applying to work five days a week system in 1926, because he felt that it would increase employee productivity. John Maynard Keynes, an economist in 1930, predicts that technological development, if it continues at this pace, will decrease in the number of hours in the evening of 15 hours.
After almost 100 years, institutions around the world began to reconsider the number of weekly working days, and is now studying trade unions Association of the United Kingdom Trade Union in Ireland and the National Party of Scotland and the British Labor Party over the feasibility of reducing the working week to four days. Some regions in Sweden have reduced their working hours, or working days per week.

However, some of the workhorse-hour experiences did not achieve the desired success. When the government health care homes in Gothenburg, Sweden, tried to reduce the hours of work to six hours, Yazid, who served in Egypt, increased.
Some of the emerging companies that decided to reduce the working week to four days in the United States, backed down from its decision, having found that this system weakened their ability to compete with other companies noted that the increased work pressure on the staff.
Blackham and Barnes say that some of the other company leaders support their thoughts by reducing the week of work to four days, but only for them. Barnes says that the success of any system to reduce daily work hours or days weekly work depends on the consultation with staff and allow them to propose new solutions, and to hold them responsible for compliance with production target size.
Work is not everything

Barnes says the firm is now providing advice to about 50 companies on how to reduce the working week to four days. Barnes believes that the changes we may make to a full-time work system may contribute to solving the problems of the last Eid.
He adds: "an employee suffers every five employees in working environments of psychological stress in his life stage, if we addressed this problem Snkhvv the burden on the budget of government health care institutions. If the parents were able to spend longer with their children's time, will improve the level of education and educational performance And if we reduce the overcrowding of the streets in cars in the hours of peaks, we will contribute to preserving the environment. "

According to the opinion of Cooper, a researcher at the University of Sydney working relations, to reduce the number of days weekly work addresses another extremely important issue, which is to maintain the woman who has experience and skill in the labor market.
He adds: "The majority of mothers in Australia give birth their first child at the beginning of the thirties, when the employee reaches the peak of his professional development and double its income and productivity. In this age, women are forced to leave the labor market because they are not able to reconcile the child's requirements and business needs."
This is what prompted Blackham to propose a new work system, because she wants her daughter to be guaranteed success in life and work. Blackham says, "Employees should not fight until companies have more flexible working conditions for them."

Statement of the names of professions whose minimum limit is raised to 10%

A few days ago, the New Zealand coalition government led by the Workers' Party announced a new increase to all your workers and banks and employees. 8 per cent in the minimum wage to rise to $ 450 NZ (US $ 306) for 40 hours of work per week as of next April and will benefit from this decision-workers at the age of 18 years and above.

New Zealand announces raising the minimum wage today, exceeding 10%

On the other hand, workers from 16 to 17 years of age may receive 80 per cent of the minimum wages received by the age of 18 and above. Announced Labor Minister Ruth Dyson "to increase the minimum wage will ensure that workers benefit from the owners of the minimum salary of the fruits of economic growth and encourage individuals to enter the labor force and to provide protection for the sector Alnusilandaan workers who are at the lowest rung of the ladder of social."