New Zealand provides NZ$2 million in aid to Ukraine

New Zealand imposed a targeted travel ban on Russia and banned trade in goods with its military and security forces ، An unexpected Russian response to Jacinda Ardern's statements and support for Ukraine .

With this move, New Zealand joins Western allies in imposing sanctions on Moscow after its invasion of Ukraine.

"The world is speaking up and sending a very clear message to Russia that what they have done is wrong and they will be condemned by the world," Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

Ardern added that more sanctions may be imposed as the conflict escalates.

On the other hand, New Zealand intends to support the citizens of Ukraine with humanitarian aid initially amounting to two million New Zealand dollars (1.2 million euros).

"New Zealand stands with the people of Ukraine affected by the unjustified Russian invasion," New Zealand Minister of Foreign Affairs Nanaya Mahuta said on Monday, explaining that this is an initial support aimed primarily at financing health facilities and providing food and hygiene supplies.

The minister added: "We are still at the beginning and will continue to monitor events closely, until the scale of the conflict and the resulting humanitarian crisis becomes clear," noting in turn that it is already clear that Russia's attack.

“It will tragically affect many innocent civilians,” he said, urging Russia to withdraw immediately and return to negotiations to avoid “the catastrophic and senseless loss of innocent lives.”