Official warning: the possibility of a total ban on flights between some countries

A new crisis in the operation of flights with Pakistan to transport passengers due to Kuwait's refusal to request Pakistani civil aviation

The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan has issued a new warning to the Kuwait Civil Aviation Authority that it will respond to Kuwait in kind and start a complete ban on flights between the two countries, or that it may start imposing new restrictions on the flights of Kuwaiti companies if Kuwait does not start allowing Pakistani flights to depart again from Kuwait and to it before the beginning of October, as it set a two-day deadline for the Kuwaiti side.

According to what was reported by one of the English-language newspapers in Pakistan, the Pakistan Civil Aviation sent an official letter to the civil aviation in Kuwait, which revealed that despite the efforts of the Pakistani civil aviation to resume flights to and from Kuwait, Kuwait still refuses to allow flights to operate until now.

In a related context, the Pakistani Civil Aviation announced the start of implementing the reduction of flights of Kuwaiti airlines to Pakistan to one flight per week, and warned that it might resort to activating the entire system of preventing flights belonging to Kuwaiti companies.