Officially.. new instructions for travelers to and from Emirates airports

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, through its “Tawajudi” service, called on citizens to follow a set of safety instructions and instructions while traveling, to ensure their security and safety around the world, including making sure to use bank credit cards and avoiding wearing valuables that draw attention in public places. , and they were robbed.

She also called, as part of her travel guidelines, to avoid going out individually at late nights, to choose safe places to roam, to use smart payment methods and to avoid paying cash as much as possible.

She advised choosing places of residence that meet the conditions of security and safety, and when renting vehicles, making sure to read the contract and insurance very carefully, checking the car in detail upon receipt, and making sure to arrive at the airport three hours before the departure time, in order to complete the travel procedures.

She stressed the importance of keeping an electronic copy of the passport and important documents at all times during the presence at the intended destination, and in the event of transit flights, making sure to book tickets from the same company to ensure rights, as well as making sure to book tourism services, accommodation and transportation from trusted companies at the destination. intended.

In the event of infection with the “Covid-19” virus during travel, the ministry confirmed that this can be reported via the Emirati traveler’s page on the ministry’s website or smart application, filling out the application and adding the required information, as coordination will be made with the competent authorities in the country, to follow up the case in cooperation with The mission of the state in the country of headquarters.

The ministry also advised to ensure the validity of the passport, and the period sufficient for the period of return and departure, provided that it is not less than six months.

She called for keenness to register in the "My presence" service through the website or the smart application of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, pointing out that this service is available to facilitate communication with citizens in cases of crises and emergencies, with the aim of helping them and coordinating their return to the country.

She pointed out that as an embodiment of the UAE's constant keenness on the care and safety of its citizens abroad, the ministry receives, through its call center, around the clock, seven days a week, emergency communications for citizens of the country abroad, and they can submit a report through the emergency line at 0097180024.

And she advised to make sure to apply all precautionary measures when present in public places, to avoid crowded places, to be sure to sterilize hands continuously, especially after touching surfaces in public areas, and to stay away from anyone who shows symptoms of the respiratory system.

She called on the citizen to be an ambassador for his country while traveling abroad, by complying with all procedures and laws in force at the intended destination, and it is possible to apply for an emergency passport in the event of the passport being lost or damaged while abroad through the smart application of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Fraudulent messages

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation warned the citizens of the country against fraudulent correspondence and requests for money transfers on behalf of its missions, stressing the need to report such attempts as soon as they are suspected.

She called on state citizens and students to beware of fraudulent correspondence, and not to respond to requests for money transfers made by phone or e-mail on behalf of the state's missions abroad, or its employees, such as a request for a financial transfer for the purposes of admission to universities, or payment for studies, in order to obtain a scholarship .

She stressed the need to contact her via the emergency line on the number 0097180024 in the event of suspicion of fraudulent correspondence or phishing.