Plane disappears from radar during landing

A Russian transport plane with seven people on board crashed on landing in Siberia before it caught fire, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations announced, without revealing the casualties.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry said on its Telegram channel that the Antonov An-12 had "disappeared from the radar" during the landing phase near the Siberian city of Irkutsk.

Initial information indicated that the plane took off from the city of Yakutsk, eastern Russia, with seven people on board, including the pilots, according to the same source.

The ministry added that the plane caught fire and a number of rescue teams were sent to the scene of the accident, without explaining the reasons that led to the accident at the present time.

It was also not immediately clear whether the accident was an emergency landing or a runway deviation, or whether the plane had gone down in mid-air.

Antonovs were produced during the Soviet era and are mainly used to transport civilian goods or soldiers and military equipment.

Aviation accidents, mostly involving military aircraft, are common in Russia and are usually caused by malfunction or human error.