Prime Minister of Cambodia visits students in Wuhan, Chinese
Prime Minister of Cambodia visits students in Wuhan, Chinese

Evidence for the sources this morning from the discovery of China is a new real estate for the Coronavirus, and from the other side, it has come to visit the city for a long time.

Where the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, today revealed that he will visit Cambodian students in Wuhan city of China, the new outbreak of the Corona virus center and not carrying a carefree or fearful of the virus króna, was visiting Wuhan today to provide moral support to them after criticism of his decision not to bring them back home.
And in a continuous context, Sun Huen, the closest ally of China, said that he will fly there on the next day from South Korea, where he attends his summits.
While Adva added in a publication on his page on Facebook, he will visit the students "to show the warmth and make sure they are not afraid of the new type of Corona contagious virus, and the Amajaov of this virus and Nag has the opportunity negative to facilitate Cambodia's economy.
An outbreak of the disease has caused the deaths of more than 420 people, mostly in Hubei Province in central China, which is its capital Wuhan, has many countries to send planes to bring their citizens and cut travel with China for the spread of this virus, fearsome links.
As reported today Cambodia, which has a large community of overseas Chinese, the status of the only HIV infection last week, a Chinese man came with his family from Wuhan to the coastal city of Sihanoukville last month, and has already been booking in full care of and now alive.
And yesterday, the Prime Minister of Cambodia said that the Coruna virus is under control, and there is no fear that threatens our economy in Cambodia, despite the fears of the world.
In continuing with all the countries of the world about the latest developments in Cambodia, they will allow journeys from China, and the Cambodian students and diplomats will not be evacuated, including what is being said about the same.
Beijing is working to intensify diplomatic efforts to reassure countries all over the world as being able to control the new corona virus outbreak, which led to the killing of more than 420 people so far, in an effort to prevent further travel ban imposed on travelers from China.
He spoke Chinese State Councilor Wang Yi, with the foreign ministers of seven countries including; Germany, Malaysia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, in recent days, and statements issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry Sunday beckons.
Wang reiterated his calls that China was confident of its ability to control the outbreak of coronavirus and, in some cases, the occurrence of such cases.
Quoted "Wang" said Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, in a statement issued by China today, "recommended by the World Health Organization explicitly only impose countries unnecessary restrictions on international travel and trade Hatta Aatdharr the country's economy in the Cheetah region..