Raise the minimum wage for workers in South Africa
Raise the minimum wage for workers in South Africa

South Africa's Labor Minister issues an important wage decision

The Minimum Wage is a tool to ensure that vulnerable workers do not fall below the poverty line, and is designed to reduce inequality and massive income inequalities in the national labor market, the Minister of Labor in South Africa, Thulas Nxisi, announced.

“As we pointed out before, the minimum wage is really what it says. But it is not dependent on thumb sucking but it is a well-thought-out process that allows all interested parties to have a voice.

I have noted with concern the objections of some stakeholders to the NMW amendment and recognize the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on most employers, ”the minister said.

Nxesi said NMW accordingly allows employers who are not really able to pay the proposed amendment to use exemption measures for NMW waiver.

In amending the minimum wage this year, the administration said that the minister had taken into consideration all the legal requirements, the authority’s report, as well as the various inputs from stakeholders.

Legal firm Webber Wentzel notes that the minimum wage is the first in a number of employment regulations that South African companies and individuals must prepare for in 2021.