Reduced residence renewal for 4 years. Saudi Arabia Today, the General Directorate of Passports announces that there are new categories of people that have been filled in.

They are entitled to these groups to renew their residency permits for four consecutive years without paying a fee for the accompanying fees, with a fee of 500 riyals per year for a total of SR 2000 for four years to pay once.
In serum driven for the renewal of residences early inside Saudi Arabia, the source said today that these groups will not they pay the accompanying fees during this period, since they pay full fees for the 4-year stay, and allows them to legally establish regular due to exceptional circumstances for these categories of residents.
In terms of this renewal of the value of any community groups that were inside Saudi 2000 SAR extended for 4 years, where this category shall be exempted from the accompanying fees, under permanent residence, according to the system of residence in the official site of passports within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Among the wife Saudi citizen groups to renew identity at a cost of SR 500 per year contract with institutions, government ministries and interests of foreign students enrolled in science educational institutions in Saudi Arabia.