Reducing the countries that need a prior visa to only 24 countries

The UAE passport jumped again as the most powerful in the world and the first on its own, and achieved three new visa-free points in less than a month, and enabled its holder to enter 174 countries around the world (119 countries without a visa, 55 countries whose visas can be obtained online or on arrival) and an increase of more The number of visa-requiring countries has been reduced to only 24 out of 198 countries accredited to the United Nations, according to the latest update of the Passport Index website of Arton Capital, a global financial consultancy.

While the UAE passport expanded the difference between it and the second place in the list of the most powerful passports in the world to 4 visa-free points, it reduced the number of countries that need a visa by 12%.

Before the spread of the Corona pandemic and until the beginning of 2020, the UAE passport had held the first place in the world in terms of strength according to the global ranking on the Passport Index website, since its rise to first place in early December 2018, and the passport allowed its holder to enter 178 countries, including 118 countries without Pre-Visa, 60 countries with e-Visa or upon arrival at the airport.

The global index specialized in measuring the strength of the passports of the world's countries stated that the second place in the list according to the latest update has become occupied by the passports of eleven countries with entry to 170 countries around the world without a visa, namely: Germany, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Italy, and the Netherlands. , Austria and South Korea.

While the passports of 9 other countries occupy the third place, which grants the holder entry to 169 countries without a visa, they are the passports of: Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Japan, Ireland, the United States of America and New Zealand. The passports of 6 countries also occupy the fourth place in the list: Malta, the Czech Republic and Greece, Hungary, the United Kingdom and Australia with entry to 168 countries without a visa, while Singapore, Lithuania, Slovakia and Canada are ranked fifth in the index of the strongest passports with entry to 167 countries without a visa.

At the bottom of the list of the global index according to the latest update is the Afghan passport in last place 88 with entry into 36 countries without a visa, then the Syrian passport in 87th place with entry into 38 countries, followed by the Iraqi passport in 87th place with 39 countries, then the Pakistani and Somali passports combined in 85th place with 43 entry A country without a visa.