Renovated southern section of Metro Line 3 to be handed over next month
Renovated southern section of Metro Line 3 to be handed over next month

Changes in Hungary metro lines

he specialized handover and acknowledgment strategies have begun the southern segment of metro line M3, as per BKV Zrt. composes 

As indicated by the data, after the culmination of the specialized handover methods, the reestablished southern line area might be opened up to travelers. As per the enactment, the handover should be finished inside 30 days, so the interaction is relied upon to be finished on October 22, as per BKV. 

Between the Kőbánya-Kispest and Népliget stations, the station remodels are being done by Strabag Építőipari Zrt. The supposed EDR public organization extension and radio inclusion advancement works are being performed by PRO-M Zrt. 

The revamped segment of the M3 metro between Kőbánya-Kispest and Nagyvárad tér will be given over to suburbanites in Budapest on Thursday, October 22nd at 5 pm. The most marvelous change will be the four modified stations; yet the passage spaces, the track organization, the railroad and security gear, the data components and the electronic organization of the metro line have likewise been reestablished. 

After the handover, the M3 metro will run on the whole line, yet it will in any case not stop at the recently shut stations in the center area (Arany János utca, Ferenciek tere, Corvin-negyed, and Semmelweis Klinikák). These stations must be reached by the M30 station substitution transport among Népliget and Kálvin tér or other elective lines. Suburbanites can in any case go on the transport administrations offering an elective course for the southern segment too. The Center for Budapest Transport (BKK) won't stop these lines until the entire redesign is finished. 

Remaking of the M3 metro line will proceed in the center area, about which BKK and BKV will give point by point data later. 

Redesign work on the southern line part of the M3 metro started in April 2019. The four stations of the M3 metro, Határ út, Pöttyös utca, Ecseri út and Népliget, have been totally remodeled and given an advanced visual, and gratitude to their LED lighting they have become more splendid, yet additionally more energy-effective. 

Notwithstanding the stations, the whole line's framework has been restored, including the spaces outside the stations, the tracks, the railroad, the wellbeing and ventilation gear, the mechanical framework, and the traveler data components. 

The modernization will proceed with the execution of full availability so that before the finish of 2021, the revamped stations will be accessible to everybody. The lifts have just been finished at Határ út and Népliget stations and will before long be accessible to the voyaging public, and the preliminary works are in progress at Pöttyös utca and Ecseri út stations. 

In the epidemiological circumstance, a great deal of development works halted cross country in the main portion of 2020, yet the remodel of the M3 metro line was completed persistently as per severe guidelines, with the goal that those going in Budapest could travel again on the southern segment of the line quickly.