Returning a passenger plane to the airport 40 minutes after take-off due to a violation

A British Virgin Atlantic plane bound for John F. Kennedy Airport in New York has returned to Heathrow Airport in London; After it was found that the first pilot did not complete the final flight test for the airline.

A spokesman for the airline told CNN, on Friday, that the plane on flight "VS3" returned to London 40 minutes after take off; Because an error appears in the list.

He pointed out that the first officer joined the company in 2017 and is qualified according to aviation regulations in Britain, but he needs to complete the internal "final evaluation" flight of the airline.

Virgin Atlantic said the captain, who is "highly experienced" and has been with Virgin Atlantic for more than 17 years, did not have "assigned instructor status" from the airline, and the first officer was replaced by a new pilot.

The company said both pilots were fully licensed and qualified to operate the aircraft, and the pairing did not violate aviation or safety regulations.

However, the airline said the situation did not comply with Virgin Atlantic's internal training protocols; What prompted the decision to return the plane.”